Spirited Away 2 – Why it’s even better than the first part!


Spirited Away 2

So after twelve years Chihiro still remembers what happened…

The other world, that place and mystery. It changed her forever… He changed her forever…

She misses him. He who saved her life. No a day went by not thinking of Haku. Night after night Chihiro cried herself to sleep. Talking to Haku and dreaming of the Spirit World

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Chihiro will never return to the other side…

So desperately she wanted to go back to the other side. So many times she walked the same path that took her to the spirit world, but it did never take her there again.

Time after time Chihiro felt let down. Twelve years of disappointments walking through the spirit gate.

More and more she doubted if she ever would return to there.

Until that afternoon…

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